7-in Rechargeable LED Motion-Activated Closet Light - White

How do you remove back for screw-in ceiling installation?
Remove cover by rotating counter-clockwise.
I purchased 5 of the 7-inch closet lights and I love them. Problem is I could only remove the back cover on 2. I can't get the other 3 backs to budge and yes I'm trying to turn counterclockwise. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Try holding the fixture with both hands. One hand on the front of the light and the other on the back. 
I understand that auto means the motion detection feature is operating and the light will only go on when there is movement. What does OFF mean? That the light will be off all the time or that the light will be on all the time. Is there a way to operate the light as like a regular light where you can turn it on for a long period of time and then turn it off for a long period of time. Not using the motion sensor.
This fixture only has an auto and off setting. Auto is with motion. Off is just off. There is no "on" option to keep the fixture on.
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