Homebridge 47.25-in LED Linear Flush Mount - Weathered Grey

Is it possible to just buy the diffuser for this?
Yes. Please verify you have the proper model number of the fixture for which you need the replacement cover (diffuser). If you see a label on your fixture with our name and Model# LF1179-GY5-48LF5-G then the diffuser cover can be special ordered. Our diffusers are model specific and do not fit other manufacturers look alike fixtures. IF you verified you definitely have our fixture the diffuser can be special ordered at Green Electrical Supply:

www.greenelectricalsupply.com or call 248-276-9640.
Part # ZD-LF1179F48-WHG Diffuser for Fixture Model #LF1179-GY5-48LF5-G

Special orders for diffusers shipped that do not fit are not eligible for return/credit. Please note an indirect signature is required is shipping to a residence. Fedex Home delivery is attempted three times and package is returned. Note that Fedex home delivery is Tuesday through Saturday.
Have two of these lights and cannot get programmed. Light flashes fast only can’t get it to flash slow. Won’t go into next step of program.
Please confirm this is the correct fixture? This is not a smart panel. For our smart panels: Are you in 2.4ghz or 5.0ghz? Internet must be in 2.4ghz to connect to the Good Earth app. If you are unsure if you are in 2.4ghz or how to switch to 2.4ghz, contact your internet service provider. If your router switches between 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz and you are unable to connect, reach out to your ISP to ensure you've switched to 2.4ghz. The fixture needs to be rapidly flashing while in pairing mode in order to connect and you must be on the same Wi-Fi network you are trying to connect to. You can also try restarting/resetting your mode or router and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Power cycle the router for 30 seconds. You can also use the auto scan feature to see if the fixture pops up and pair that way. If this is a flat panel, try turning the fixture off for two minutes then back on. Wait 10 seconds then enter pairing mode, then try and pair to the app again. If this is tape light, try connecting with the strip unrolled and elevated for first pairing. Try connecting near the router. Some other things to try: Ensure that the encryption method and authentication type are set to WPA2-PSK and AES, respectively, for the router’s wireless settings, or both are set to Auto. Ensure that the wireless mode is not set to 11n only. If wireless MAC address filtering is enabled for the router, remove your device from the router’s MAC address filtering list to ensure that it is allowed to connect to the network. You can also disable MAC address filtering. Ensure that the DHCP service is enabled for the router. If not, the IP address will be occupied. *A DHCP server enables computers to request IP addresses and networking parameters automatically from the Internet service provider (ISP), reducing the need for a network administrator or a user to manually assign IP addresses to all network devices. It could be caused by the fact that the install environment lowers the signal strength. When the light is installed the signal strength could be lower due to the place where it is installed. The light has an external antenna included with it and if there is any type of iron near this or right on top of this device it could cause a drop in signal If possible, when this issue occurs, please: Take the light off the mounting bracket to get it connected Put the light back on the mounting bracket and see if it can still be controlled. If can be controlled, reenable pairing mode without removing the light from the ceiling and see if it can pair to the app again. Please take a screenshot of the device ID/virtual ID and signal strength. Open the Good Earth App and tap on the light that you want to find the Device ID/Virtual ID for. Tap on the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Tap on device information. Tap on the copy next to the Virtual ID. Now the Virtual ID is copied you can send it to the desired party.
Turning the light on via the wall switch: The interval time of the following actions should be longer than 5 seconds: When the light is on, turn the light off - on - off - on via switch When the light is off, turn the light on - off - on - off - on via switch If the above action is shorter than 5 seconds, the device could start to flash, but it still can automatically reconnect to the app after 3 mins. So you should never have to repair the device to the App. We have tested this on our side and the light always reconnects to the app even if it went into pairing mode by itself. If you do not turn on and off the light within 5 seconds of each on/off then the light will not go into pairing mode. If you turn the light on and it starts flashing, wait 10 seconds, turn it off and back on again. Let us know if it flashes after this step. You can also view our YouTube videos on installation, how to connect, and how to check and perform the firmware update.
Need a diffuser
The replacement diffuser for this fixture can be special ordered through the electrical desk at Menards. Model #ZD-LF1179F48-WHG
Can we get a lens cover for this light?
The replacement diffuser model #ZD-LF1179F48-WHG for this fixture should be available special order through Menards.
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