Our Beginnings

All ideas begin with a problem that needs to be solved. In 1992, much of the country was using incandescent light, which produces only 5% light and 95% heat. Good Earth Lighting President Marvin Feig partnered with Co-Founder and Vice President of Research & Development Alex Kowalenko to develop and provide a decorative line of energy-efficient residential products with compact fluorescent lighting technology.

Good Earth was born in Kowalenko’s basement and the company sold their first energy-efficient light fixture at True Value Hardware. Quickly, they continued to grow product lines and expand into more retailers as the demand for more affordable, customizable, energy-efficient products as we entered the new millennium.

When LED technology became more available, they quickly converted and set the industry course for energy-efficient residential lighting products. In 2016, Good Earth launched long-lasting USB rechargeable and battery-operated solutions and partnered with Command™ Strips from 3M for damage-free mounting solutions.

In 2022, Feig sold the company to his executive team, a group of four industry veterans who each have 30+ years’ experience with global brands in the lighting, retail, and hardware industries.

With Feig continuing to serve as president, the new ownership group consists of VP of Marketing & Product Development Brian Coleman, VP of Sales Greg Forrest, VP of Engineering and Global Operations Chris Serak, and Chief Financial Officer T.R. Turner.

“These four guys all joined Good Earth in the last 10 years and in that time have helped double the size of our business,” Feig says. “They are a dream team, and I am proud to be part of a dynamic, progressive group that not only understands this industry but sees incredible opportunity for the future.”

Today, Good Earth Lighting has produced millions of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures under Good Earth® and ecolight® brands that are environmentally friendly, customizable, and cost efficient in the U.S. and Canada via major retailers.


More than Lights

We’re dedicated to creating environmentally friendly, customizable, energy-efficient, cost-reducing products.

We’ve earned seven E.P.A. Energy Star awards, ranging from Partner of the Year to Excellence, for our initiatives and advancements toward energy-efficient lighting fixtures, product education, and training.

Our products assist in reducing utility costs, promoting sustainability, preventing pollution, and reducing greenhouse gases all while utilizing less energy to produce the same (if not better) lighting results without sacrificing features or functionality.

In 2017, we won a Lighting for Tomorrow award for our integrated LED three-head motion-activated security light that provides more safety and security for customers. Most recently, we were both the winner and honorable mention in the 2021 Integrated Home Competition for two of our smart light products.

More Than Lights

Why Culture Matters

What makes us successful is the dedicated, passionate, talented team here to service our customers and to bring sustainable products to our consumers. Our team brings decades of experience and knowledge to every part of our business. We care for our employees, our community, and our customers.

What We Live By

Our culture and success starts with our mission and goals at Good Earth Lighting.

Mission: Environmental Lighting Made Easy

The mission of Good Earth Lighting is to design, develop and market a program of highly energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting and products for the residential and light commercial markets that is:

Easy to Afford, Easy to Buy, Easy to install & Easy to Look At, Use, Maintain, and Dispose.

Marvin Feig

What We Live By
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