Slim Series 18-in Selectable White Color Direct Wire Under Cabinet Light AC

Can the LED strip be replaced?
The LED strips cannot be replaced. 
What can I do if two light fixtures need to be linked, but the distance between them is more like 36”…can I join together two linkage cords?
You cannot connect two linking cords together, but we do have them available for this fixture in longer lengths.
When you link lights together, when you change the light color on one, does it also change the color on the linked second light or do you need to adjust each light?
Each fixture operates independently even when linked.
The bottoms of my cabinets are only 1/4 inch thick. how can I mount a UC1299 LED Under Cabinet Bar without screws which will go through my cabinet bottoms?
Any hardwired under cabinet fixture must be mechanically fastened to the cabinet according to electrical code.   One suggestion would be to lay an additional layer, maybe an extra shelf if available, on the bottom inside of the cabinet to give the screws a suitable substrate to screw into.
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