180-Degree Basic 2-Head LED Motion-Activated Direct Wire Security Flood Light - White

Are your products made in USA? If not, where?
Good Earth fixtures are manufactured in China, in our factories that only employ legal/of age workers in a safe working environment.
What does three-hour setting mean?
The three-hour setting will keep the fixture on a low beam at dusk for three hours. It will jump to high beam once motion is detected.
How can I reset the light? After a power outage, it now stays on all night instead of being off and motion activated.
While power is on change the area light setting to 3 hours, then change the minutes dial to test mode.
Turn power off for 2-3 minutes.
Turn power on.
Lights should come on for 15-20 seconds then shut off.
After the lights shut off, try triggering in test. If they do not trigger that is fine.
Take the fixtures out of test mode, and put in your desired settings.
Turn the area light off. Or to desired setting.
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