6-ft LED Flexible and Cuttable Plug-in Tape Light - Warm White

I have this fixture installed in a display case, but the white light is too cool (3000K). I can not access the cord at this point of the case construction. Is there a strip with a a warmer white light (under 3000K) that can be received by this existing prong polarized plug in my display case?
We are so sorry to disappoint you, but all of our tape light kits are 3000K and above.
Are the LED strips dimmable?
No. Unfortunately, our tape light kits are not dimmable.
Can I add another strip to the 6ft?
No, you cannot add an additional tape light.
After cutting the light strip to fit, I have leftover light strip. Can I purchase the plug-in assembly separate?
We are so sorry to disappoint you, but unfortunately parts are not sold separately for our tape light kits.
My lights flash like a strobe when turned on.
Do you have more than one kit on one power supply? That will cause the lights to flash. You can only put one strip on a power supply, or it overloads it. If this does not apply, please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for technical support and/or warranty replacement. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
I have 3 sets of these lights as my kitchen cabinets run along 3 separate walls. Is there a way to sync all 3 together to allow one switch to power all 3 units? Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?
This kit is not Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled. The only way to turn them on at the same time would be to have them plugged into outlets controlled by the same wall switch.
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