Hyper Bright LED CCT High Lumen Motion-Activated Flood Light with Timer - Bronze

Can this be used as a dusk to dawn light? I want to replace my light pole light.
This fixture has a switch control option that allows you to operate it via a wall switch, but no setting to keep the fixture on from dusk to dawn.
I have the light set to be controlled via a switch. I adjusted the light from the default to warm white. When the light is shut off and turned back on, the light setting changes back to default, daylight. Is there a way to retain the setting changes? As the light is mounted 15 feet high, I want it to stay warm light.
Our first generation of this fixture does not have a memory chip so it will default back to 5000K if controlled by the switch. Please reach out to customer service and we can look into shipping you a replacement fixture with the memory chip. 1-800-291-8838. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
Is there a way to modify the mount to be able to mount on the cornice? 90% of flood lights in the US are mounted on the cornice! Why make one that does not work there?
Unfortunately, there is no way to modify the wall plate of this fixture. This fixture can only be installed over a recessed electrical box, OR a UL Listed surface mount electrical box rated for wet locations. Recessed electrical box installations REQUIRE the outer edge of the wall canopy to be completely sealed with silicone RTV glue, and surface mount electrical boxes require the use of the foam gasket (included), to prevent water seeping into the electrical box. Without sealing the canopy enclosure, water seepage can short out the driver, and cause product failure, and/or other safety issues. DO NOT EAVE MOUNT ONTO PERFORATED OR CHANNELED MATERIAL using a recessed junction box. Water can seep into the fixture and cause a hazardous situation and/or fixture failure. 
I have a 7000 lumen model SE1249-BP2-02LF7. The light is lit very dim all the time.
This fixture has a CCT switch that allows you to change the color temperature as well as the option to select high beam and low beam. It is on the back of the panel. Please make sure you are not in low beam. If the fixture is not in low beam and still dim, please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for technical support and/or warranty replacement. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
Is there a restriction of the angle of mounting or pointing angle of the light? I’m mounting high on my home to illuminate my deck, and need it pointing as straight down as possible. I’m not concerned with the motion technology.
Head adjustment angles: Downward 45 degrees. Upward 35 degrees. Right to left 45 degrees.
When the unit is set for motion detection, is it possible to manually turn it on with a switch, by switching ON-OFF-ON like many other motion lights?
Yes. You can toggle the wall switch to initiate manual override or use the switch control setting on the back of the fixture.
My lights seem to be getting triggered by "high" wind (20 -50 mph) gusts. Is this an issue with this light? Is there a way to minimize / eliminate this without shutting off the light?
We are not aware of any issues with this fixture being triggered by high winds. We recommend resetting the fixture and adjusting the sensitivity. See Good Earth Lighting YouTube tutorial: Security Light Installation Part 11: How to Troubleshoot and Reset Your PIR  
The specifications state the depth is 12"+. Is this correct? Or is this the farthest angle the light portion can be adjusted? (Which would be facing downward at 45' angle and the top of the light portion would protrude 12".) It doesn't appear to have the light portion in a vertical position be 12" from the wall.
Head adjustment angles: Downward: 45 degrees. Upward: 35 degrees. Left/right: 45 degrees. Product dimensions: Inches (LxWxH): 12.17 x 10.86 x 8.07
Light is advertised as Satin Aged Bronze but it is black! Lowes employees opened several boxes to make sure it wasn’t just this one and they were all black. Everyone agreed it’s black. Is this a mistake?
Our satin aged bronze finish is very dark and does look almost black.
Will I have to replace the lights? If so how and how long does these lights last?
LEDs should last about 50,000 hours. There are no bulbs to replace. If the fixture fails, then entire fixture will need to be replaced.
Do I have to wire it to a switch for it to work?
This fixture can be wired to a wall switch or directly into the circuit.
If the light is wire, direct to the power source, will the light stay off during the day?
There is a dusk to dawn sensor in the fixture that prevents it from activating in daylight.
I have the knobs set to switch control, but if I turn the light on using the switch, it will turn itself off after roughly 15 seconds. If I cycle the switch to off>on again, the light remains on. Is this proper functionality?
The fixture should not turn off in switch control with the switch on. Please double check the wiring. Please reach out to customer service for assistance. 1-800-291-8838
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