24-in Linkable Under Cabinet Plug-in Grow Light - White

I have three connected together. Can I plug into a timer?
We have not done any testing with timers.
How many inches above the plants do you put the light?
Plants will do best with the light mounted between 12 in. to 39 in. above the plants. Mount the height of the light so the light shining down from the fixture is not focused and creates a “hot spot” on a concentrated area resulting in the plants at the perimeter of the coverage area getting less light absorption.
Does the white link cable in your current products inventory work to connect the 24" grow lights? I don't see this specific model# listed as a compatible device. Thanks!
This fixture does not link via a linking cord. You plug in a second fixture directly into the outlet on the end of the fixture.
How long should this grow light stay on above my plants? Or how many hours should it be on, compared to the number of hours in darkness? Or should it be on all the time?
Recommended time for plant growth stage: This would be on a 24-hour cycle with the below numbers being the amount of time the light should be on. 16H-20H-seedling stage. 16H-20H-vegetative state. 12H-flowers and fruit stage. Recommending Distance from plants – the height distance should change based on the growth stage. Seedling Stage – 24-30 in. Vegetation Stage – 18-24 in. Flower and Fruit Stage – 6-18 in.
Wiring diagram?
This is a plug-in fixture. There is no wiring diagram available for this fixture.
Can you change the light bulb? If so, how?
This is an LED fixture so it does not contain light bulbs to replace. 
Can I use a dimmer with these lights?
These are not dimmable.
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