180-Degree 2-Head 1400 Lumen LED Motion-Activated Flood Light with Timer - Bronze

Is there a way to disable the motion sensor, so that the light is always on?
There is no way to permanantly disable the motion sensor. You can put the fixture into manual override which allows you to control the fixture via the wall switch. But this resets the following day once the fixture detects sunlight. We recommend a switch-controlled fixture or a fixture with an area light.
The fixture I installed only had a white and black wire and the plug only had 2 white and 2 black contacts. Does this fixture have internal grounding now? The instructions sent with my fixture don't show any grounding wire.
The entire unit is plastic, and there are no outer metal parts to become energized. As such, there is no need for a ground wire.  Connect the black, and white wires from the outlet box to the connector.
Bought 4 of these. Supposed to be satin aged bronze. Box says bronze. Box shows a bronze picture on a black background. All 4 of these lights are black. The receipt even says BLK. What has happened here?
Our satin ages bronze finish is very dark and looks nearly black.
How can I manually turn off manual override so the motion detector is reactivated?
The fixture will either reset the following day when light is detected or you can toggle the wall switch in the same sequence that initiates manual override to remove it.
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