Smart LED Flat Panel 24-in Traditional Ceiling Light with Brushed Nickel Frame

If you have more than one light fixture, can you control them individually?
Yes. Once paired, you can put the fixtures into a "group" on the app, and operate them independently.
Can I connect to Siri?
This fixture is only compatible with Google and Alexa.
Can I use a wall dimmer with this light?
This fixture is not compatible with a dimming circuit. You would have to dim by using the Good Earth Lighting app.
Can you install in a drop grid ceiling?
We do not recommend drop ceiling installation. Technically it will fit in a drop ceiling, but it is not setup for that as it does not have any safety clips to secure it to the T-bar of the grid ceiling and you would have to add a junction box to the back of the mounting plate in order to properly wire it.
Will this work off a standard on/off switch?
You can turn the fixture on and off via the wall switch, but in order to dim the fixture or use any of the other functions you would need to utilize the app. Turning the light on via the wall switch:
1. The interval time of the following actions should be longer than 5 seconds:
a) When the light is on, turn the light off - on - off - on via switch
b) When the light is off, turn the light on - off - on - off - on via switch 2. If the above action is shorter than 5 seconds, the device could start to flash, but it still can automatically reconnect to the app after 3 mins. So you should never have to repair the device to the App. We have tested this on our side and the light always reconnects to the app even if it went into pairing mode by itself. 3. If you do not turn on and off the light within 5 seconds of each on/off then the light will not go into pairing mode.

If you turn the light on and it starts flashing, wait 10 seconds, turn it off and back on again. Let us know if it flashes after this step.
Can you pair this light with multiple phones so different people can control the light?
Yes. You can use multiple devices to control the fixture. However, you cannot pair to two different app accounts. You will either need to log into the new device with the original login details or "share the home" with the new device.

Here are the directions for sharing the home:

Go to: me
Home Management
Create a home
Once home is created, click on name of home and you can "Add member."
You will receive a code to join the "home" on your app and will have the devices listed on your app.
I have 3 of these in one room. Two will pair to my phone just fine but the the third will not. Any advice?
Please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for technical support. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
Does it work with any smart switches to control on/off/dimming without voice/opening the app?
You can use a smart switch to turn it on and off but you cannot use any switch for dimming. All dimming must happen using the app.
What size area will this light effectively?
Fully selectable white light settings from 2700K to 6500K. Emits high output 4000 lumens of brightness using only 42 watts of electricity. This fixture will light quite a large area. It is recommended for most rooms of your home.
How can I connect my ceiling panel FP1247-AL5-24LFW-G to Alexa?
Please click the link below to view instructions on how to set up integration with Alexa: Good Earth Lighting App - How to Set Up Integration with Alexa
How can I reset the light so I can control with my phone?
Why does it say device offline and how can I fix it?
Turning the fixture off at the wall switch cuts power to the fixture so it is unable to receive the signal from your Wi-Fi. This will cause the fixture to go offline. Once you restore power the fixture should automatically reconnect after a few minutes. If it does not, please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for technical support. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
Since this is Wi-Fi, it needs FCC certification. Please provide the FCCID for this product.
Can this light be hung on wall instead of ceiling counted? Does it need to be hardwired?
This fixture does need to be hardwired. It can be installed on a wall as long as properly secured, installed, etc.
If the light is turned off at the switch. When it is turned back on, will it return to its last setting? Or will it default to the manufacturer’s original setting?
The fixture should retain your settings if turned off at the wall switch. Although it is recommended to use the app.
If you turn the light off and on repeatedly and it never goes into pairing mode. What are the next steps?
Depending on production it is either a series of 3 or 6 toggles. Try in a series of 3. If that does not work, shut the light off for a couple minutes and try a series of 6. Please note the speed in the video below.
Can I pair my light with my computer?
As long as you are able to download the Good Earth Lighting app on the device.
Can you use with just Bluetooth?
No. The fixture needs to be paired to the Good Earth Lighting app VIA a 2.4ghz home Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth is back up if Wi-Fi goes out.
Can it be mounted on a slanted ceiling
As long as the fixture is properly attached to a junction box per the instructions, yes.
Is there another option to set the temperature of the light without 2.4 Ghz wifi?
Unfortunatley no. Color temperature can only be adjusted VIA the Good Earth Lighting app and a 2.4ghz network is required in order to connect.
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