44-in 10,000 Lumen Integrated LED Tread Plate Shop Light

Why do the LEDs glow, even when turned off?
Ghosting: When an LED lighting fixture continues to glow in the off position. This is usually due to mismatched driver and dimmer technology, ex: incandescent dimmer paired with an electronic low voltage driver. This can also be caused by a small amount of electricity passing to the fixture. It is not dangerous and does not take much electricity. It can also be a defective fixture.
I own 7 of these and flush mounted them to my drywalled ceiling. As I was securing one of the cords to the ceiling, I noticed that the top of the fixtures are getting quite hot and radiating to the drywall. In most spots I can hold my fingers in them, but it’s not comfortable to do so. The instructions state flush mount is fine, but I’m concerned about the heat these out off. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations?
All of our products are safety tested for heat and are safe when installed according to the instruction sheets included with the fixture. All light sources produce heat, all with varying amounts depending on the type of fixtrure and where it is installed. Generally xenon or halogen fixtures produce the most heat. We recommend you not to store food directly above xenon or halogen fixtures for your food safety.
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