4-Pack 9-in LED CCT Selectable Under Cabinet Linking Plug-in Light Bar Set - White

Are longer linking cords available?
We are so sorry to disappoint you, but longer linking cords are not available for this fixture.
Can I link more than 4? Is there a limit? I bought two 4 packs and was wondering if I could link all 8 to one hand sensor and power cord?
LED kit cannot be added onto as the plug-in driver is designed to work with a maximum of 4 bars.
I would like to go 2 directions from my power source. Is there a splitter for this application?
We are sorry to disappoint you, but the only accessories we have for this product are what comes included.
Is there a coupler to connect the linking cords together?
No. We do have longer cords available. Please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
I only need 2 lights, but I need them 5 feet apart. Is there a way to allow them to be linked 5 feet apart?
Please contact customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for assistance in obtaining longer linking cords.
Is there a way to keep a desired temperature? Every time I turn my lights off and back on, it defaults to 2700K. I would like it to stay at 4000K consistently.
Unfortunately, no. The fixture does not have a memory to hold settings. It will default when turned off at the switch.
Are there longer lamp options other then 9”?
These lights are only available in 9 inch.
Can I link an 18” light bar with a 9” light bar?
There is no 18-inch bar included in this kit. 
I purchased a four pack. I would like to use three in one location and the forth in another. Can I purchase a second power cord and sensor switch?
Unfortunately the power supply is not available separately for this fixture.
I purchased the UC1306/12” kit. When I turn it on, by way of a light switch, it goes to maximum output, with coolest light setting.I keep having to adjust its brightness and output setting. Is there any way for it to “store” the settings without having to adjust it each time?
Unfortunately, no. If turned off at the switch, the lights will default to factory.
Can these be purchased as a single pack? I need 5 and don't really want to by 8.
This only comes in a set of four. We have another product that may work. https://goodearthlighting.com/3-pack-led-flat-linking-plug-in-light-bar-set.html
Can these be used without the motion sensor?
No. The wave sensor needs to be somewhere within the ciruit.
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