Switch Controlled, Dusk to Dawn, Motion Activated, Smart… Explaining Security Light Features

LED security lights are a convenient, long-lasting, and eco-friendly outdoor lighting option for your home or business, offering safety and security. At Good Earth Lighting, we offer security lights with various features: switch controlled, dusk to dawn, motion activated, and smart. Here, we dive deeper into what each feature means.


1. Switch Controlled

Switch-controlled lights are great for basic security lighting needs. They are operated manually by a wall switch, saving energy by providing light only when needed.


  • SE1094-BP2-00LF0: Commercial LED Switch-Controlled Security Flood Light - Bronze

2. Dusk to Dawn

Dusk-to-dawn lights are triggered on and off by the amount of light that reaches the light sensor. They turn on after the sun has set (dusk) and turn off when the sun rises in the morning (dawn), providing added security all night long. Dusk-to-dawn lights don’t need to be manually switched on or off.


3. Motion Activated

Motion-activated security lights turn on when the PIR (passive infrared) sensor detects activity and turn off when motion stops. Our motion-activated lights provide additional security whenever there is activity up to 240 degrees around the vicinity of the home and up to 100 feet away. The built-in timer and sensitivity sensor can be customized to individual consumer needs. Motion-activated security lights maximize energy savings and discourage intruders from coming near a home.

  • SE1084-WH3-02LF0: 240-Degree 2-Head DownFire™ LED Motion-Activated Dusk to Dawn Security Flood Light – White

4. Smart

Smart security lights can be controlled via smart phone app or voice control with a smart home assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. With your phone, you can change the color temperature, brightness, and distance range; schedule lights to certain conditions (time, date, and weather); and more. There is no need to get on a ladder to adjust the settings.


Most of our security light fixtures include several of these features. You can browse our selection of LED security lights here.