180-Degree 2-Head LED Motion-Activated Flood Light with Timer - Bronze

Should there be a dim light lit constantly (during the dark hours) until a motion sets off the actual spotlights? It seems like this light is never totally off except during the light hours/daytime.
If your fixture has an area light option, that would keep the light on at a low beam from dusk to dawn. It will jump to high beam once triggered with motion. If your fixture has that option, turn off the dusk to dawn.
Is there a plastic film over the PIR motion sensor that needs to be taken off before the light will activate?
No. There is no film over the sensor that needs to be removed after installation.
Why does it go on during the day?
The fixture should not activate in daylight unless it is in manual override or a cloudy, gloomy day. Please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for technical support and/or warranty replacement. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
I purchased a SE1291 and it will not stay on when I try to activate it manually. It come on and then shuts off again within 30 seconds. I have an old home and this circuit is not properly grounded so I am wondering if that is the reason it is behaving this way. I am not able to get a ground to it without a lot of expense so is there any way to resolve this or should I return it?
You can ground the fixture by wrapping the ground wire from the fixture to something metal in the junction box. Make sure the fixture is not left in test mode and that you have selected a time on the time/minutes dial.
Is there a way to reset it after a power outage, without adjusting the controls?
You will need to adjust the dials to do a full reset on the fixture. 
Deactivate light sensor on SE1291?
You cannot permanently bypass the motion sensor on this fixture. You can put the fixture into manual override to temporarily bypass the sensor, but it will reset the following day.
Can I bypass the motion sensor so the fixture operates as a disk to dawn fixture? Can I get a wiring diagram?
You cannot bypass the motion sensor.
Can you wire this light to 4 wire black red white and ground
We cannot comment on the wiring coming out of your home. But wiring should be live to live, neutral to neutral, ground to ground.
Can the LED bulbs / elements be changed out when they fail? How do I buy replacement bulbs?
No. The LEDs are integrated and cannot be replaced.
mounted the light under eaves. How do you turn motion sensor over so control panel faces the ground?
Make sure the sensor is not bent at the joint. It must be sticking straight out to rotate.
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