Jordan 17-in Round LED Flush Mount - Satin Nickel

While installing the light, I broke the glass. Can I purchase a replacement glass?
Please verify you have the proper model number of the fixture for which you need the replacement cover (diffuser). If you see a label on your fixture with our name and Model#LF1088-NSM-16LF1-G, then the diffuser cover can be special ordered. Our diffusers are model specific and do not fit other manufacturers look alike fixtures. If you verified you definitely have our fixture, the diffuser can be special ordered at Green Electrical Supply: or call 248-276-9640.
Part #ZD-LF1088L16-WHG Diffuser for Fixture Model #LF1088-NSM-16LF1-G  

Special orders for diffusers shipped that do not fit are not eligible for return/credit. Please note an indirect signature is required is shipping to a residence. Fedex Home delivery is attempted three times and package is returned. Note that Fedex home delivery is Tuesday through Saturday.
There is a red wire in the ceiling. After installation the light stays on.
Unfortunately, we cannot advise you on any wiring coming out of your junction box. You would have to consult an electrician. We can only advise on the wiring from our fixture.
How to change the light bulb. I don’t know how to get the decorative caps off. Do they screw off or just pop off?
This is an LED fixture. It does not contain light bulbs. To remove the diffuse, unscrew the post caps.
Where can I purchase the LED engine for the 16 inch light?
This part is not available separately. 
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