Legacy II 15-in LED Flush Mount - Bronze

Where do I go to enter the 10-year warranty on this light fixture. I purchased this light at Lowe's recently.
We are happy you chose our product, thank you. As with anything that has a great warranty, keep a copy of your original purchase receipt as originals fade and staple it to your instruction sheets/package insert containing the Warranty reference and file away. This documentation is required in case you have a warranty claim in the future. There is no online registration.
I have recently installed this fixture in my home. Once the light has been on for few minutes it goes from bright to very dim. Is there a fix for this issue?
Please ensure all wiring is tightly connected. If so, and you are still experiencing this issue, please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
Can you adjust the color temperature of this light?
You cannot adjust the color temperature of the light. You can install on a dimming circuit if you'd like to dim the fixture.
Can this light be controlled by the Good Earth app?
This fixture cannot be controlled by the Good Earth Lighting app.
What is the warranty?
This fixture has a 10 year warranty.
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