2-ft. 85-Watt LED Adjustable Full Spectrum Grow Light with Auto-Timer

Growing from seeds. How high above seeds does this 85 watt unit need to be? Is there a height chart for this unit?
24-30 inches above seedlings or vegetative stages. These are recommendations and the flower will "speak" to the end user on how much light it will need and spacing as we don’t know the environment these are in, like how big the plant is, the soil they are using, water, pot, etc.  
Does this fixture emit uv?
Our LED grow lights produce light in a visible spectrum; they do not pose a UV risk.
I bought a GL 1327-AL3-24LFC Grow Light from Lowe's. The fixture end of the power cord does not fit into the power-in port on the fixture. There is a white plastic tab (similar to one end of the Linking Cord) that prevents the insertion. I believe the wrong plug was attached to the power cord, or (less likely) the wrong receptacle was used for the power-in port. What should I do about this?
The power cord will only fit into one end of the fixture. If it does not fit into one end, try the other. One end is for the power cord. One end is for the linking cord. If the power cord does not fit into either end, please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for assistance. 
We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CDT. 
Or contact us VIA our website. 
The 46 inch/182 watt version claims to be 215 PAR. This is roughly half the length and roughly half the wattage, so the same amount of wattage per area covered, so why is the PAR only half what it is for the 46 inch light? They should be nearly the same.
Just to be clear, you are asking why we have 105 PAR for the 2 foot and 215 par for the 4 foot? That is nearly half the PAR value from 4ft to 2ft? Or are you asking about why the wattage for the 2 foot is not exactly half the wattage of the 4ft? The max wattage for a 4ft would be more than a 2ft, we can get more in a 4ft and it also has to do with the spacing of LED’s in the 2ft versus 4ft.
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