Slim Series 30-in Selectable White Color Direct Wire Under Cabinet Light AC

How do you set it for walk-by mode and wave mode?
For walk-by mode, the sensor should be facing outward. For wave mode, the sensor should be facing inward.
Do these LED bars, for wiring, need a converter? I am replacing halogen wired with LEDs. Several halogen units are wired to a single switch.
These fixtures can be wired into your home's existing wiring. White to white, black to black, ground to ground. You can also link multiple fixtures with the included linking cord up to 360 watts.
Can you link 3 lighting bars with the linking cable and then connect the third to a forth on the other side of cooktop with 14/2 romex? The first would be wired to dimmer switch.
Yes. Direct wire the first fixture link the other two. Direct wire the fourth.
Can this light be converted to a plug-in design?
No. Our fixtures cannot be manipulated in any way. It goes against our UTL/ETL listings and voids warranty.
Is this model #UC1299-WH1-30LF0-G linkable on both ends?
One end of the connector fits into one end of one fixture. The other end fits into the opposite end of the other fixture.
Can you get shorter linking cords for this model #UC1299-WH1-30LF0-G?
We do not have shorter linking cords for this fixture.
What is the part number for the compatible linking cord? Can 2 lights link together directly without linking cord?
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