Slim Series 12-in Selectable White Color Direct Wire Under Cabinet Light - Gloss White

I need to link several lights that are further apart than the linking cable provided. Are the linking cables available to buy separately, and if so are they available in longer lengths?
Unfortunately the cords are not sold seperately and we do not manufacture longer linking cords than the 18" cord provided.
Do you have 8" or 9" in this series?
The smallest size this fixture is available in is 12 inch.
Can you use the linking cable to link different sizes - for instance, one 30" and one 12" fixture together?
Yes. If they are from the same UC1138 series, you can link multiple sizes.
Dimmer switch needed for under cabinet hardwired LED?
This fixture is dimmable by triac dimmers and are not compatible with 0-10V dimming systems the dimmers we tested to be compatible with this fixture are the Lutron Skylark® SCL-153P*, Diva® DVCL-153P*, Maestro® MACL-153M*, Toggler® TGCL-153P*, Lumea® LECL-153P*, Caseta®PD-6WCL*, Eaton Halo® SAL06P*. *This list of dimmers does not imply any guarantee or warranty of compatibility with a particular application. *Dimmers not listed do not imply non-compatibility.
We have tested the list of dimmers recommended in the instruction sheets and they were compatible in our application as well as for many customers. Each installation application is different and is affected by different things unique to your particular installation such as wiring in the house, what else is on the same circuit, appliances in the area, etc. LEDs are electronic circuits and can be interfered with by a variety things present. They differ from one application to another. With that being said, we share what other customers have found worked in their particular application in hopes that it may help you in your application and meet your needs if the specified dimmers do not work for you.

We hope the following information will be helpful to finding a dimmer that will work for your application:

Alternate dimmers that reduced buzzing/humming in their applications:

Best Reviews: LEVITON: ILLUMA TECH IPI06-1LZ DDL06-BL, 600 watts. Home Depot and Amazon note that all LED dimmer switches have this Decora style paddle switch. Reverse Edge Dimmers - ELV: Lutron MAELV-600BL (Digital), Model #DVELV-300P Skylark SELV-300P Lutron, Model # DVCL-253P-IV, Larger dimmer paddle. The receptacle has to have a ground. Lutron DIVA, Model # DVELV-300PH-WH; Internet #202247984; SKU #560296. Note the wiring requires a white common connection to the lighting fixture circuit. Note that all LED dimmer switches have this Decora style paddle switch. Leviton TOGGLE TOUCH TGI06-1LW (Digital): The new ToggleTouch™ Preset Toggle Dimmer provides a unique combination of toggle-style ON/OFF switching and digital touch-pad dimming technology. *NOTE: GEL LED fixtures are not compatible with remote "SMART HOME" systems Other Dimmers: TRIAC (Leading Edge Dimmers) Lutron: DIVA DV-600P SKYLARK S-600P ARIADNI AY-600P ARIADNI TG-603P MAESTRO MA-600 (Digital) DIVA CFL/LED DVCL-153P Satin Colors DVSC-600P-SW 6641 Wireless/Remote Dimmer: LEVITON, DW6HD Note that 3-way LED dimmers are not recommended because they have not been tested through UL. 3-way switches are okay with the following limits: There should be no difference in a single pole switch and a 2-pole 3-way switch of the same dimmer series as long as the second 3-way switch is not also a dimmer. The fixture will not work well if you try to use 2-dimmer, 3-way switches. Dimmers can be found at local retail stores and, Zoro, Lowes, Electric Bargain Store, Westway Electric Supply, Home Depot and other locations.
What is the wire gauge of the linking wires?
18 AWG.
Need 3 of these lights in various lengths but each would be separated by a sink or a stove so a much greater distance than your 18-inch link cable. Do you have the connectors so a link cable can be made or can the link cable be cut and a wire cut to length be inserted using butt connectors to make the necessary cable? Or will each one need to be hardwired?
The only accessories we have for our tape light kits are what comes included in the kit. We do not make longer extensions to go over sinks or stoves. You can use multiple kits with one remote, but they cannot be connected to each other. One power supply per kit.
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