46-in Motion-Activated Linkable LED Shop Light - Brushed Aluminum

Can you remove the 5" cord and add an 8" or 9" cord?
We do not recommend modifying the fixture in any way. Doing so also voids warranty.
For the 46" LED shop lights with motion sensor, if several lights are linked together does any 1 motion sensor keep all of them lit?
They will all work independently.
What is the time the lights stay on with motion sensor? Is it adjustable?
The PIR settings are Manual and Auto. In Manual, the light stays on continuously. It can be turned off with a wall switch. In Auto, the light turns on when the motion sensor detects movement. The 120-degree sensor detects motion up to 8 feet. The light automatically turns off after 5 minutes when no motion is detected.
How do I get a copy of the 5-year limited warranty?
We are happy you chose our product, thank you. As with anything that has a great warranty, keep a copy of your original purchase receipt as originals fade and staple it to your instruction sheets/package insert containing the Warranty reference and file away. This documentation is required in case you have a warranty claim in the future. There is no online registration.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Can this light be hardwired rather than connector to an outlet?
We cannot recommend installing our fixtures any way other than the instructions dictate.
How do I replace bulbs in these fixtures?
This is an LED fixture. It does not contain light bulbs.
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