SE1356-WH3-02LF4: 180-Degree 4000-Lumen White Hardwired LED Outdoor Motion-Activated Security Flood Light with Timer

Can I install the Hyper Bright LED Flood light 6.5 ft above the floor? What are the limitations and risks at this height?
It is not recommended to install this fixture below 8ft. Recommended height is 8-10 ft. Doing so can result in false triggers.
Is there a process to "reset' the light - even though the motion setting is at 10ft, it can pickup movement at 50ft
You can just readjust the range/distance on the dial on the back of the PIR sensor.
Where do the translucent plugs go on the Good Earth hyper bright LED flood light Model: SE1356-WH3-02LF4-F
The transluscent plugs will go over the screws on the mounting plate.
Can a red wire be installed on this light to run additional lighting
This fixture cannot be wired to an another fixture.
Can the light operate on switch only and bypass the motion sensor?
Yes. You can put the fixture on switch control mode on the timer knob on the back of the fixture to control VIA your light switch.
How do I activate. The dusk to dawn setting on my light. Where do I set the dials.
This fixture has two modes: Security and switch control. If you want the fixture to come on as long as the switch is on use switch control mode. If you want the fixture to come on with motion only, you would set a time on the minutes dial and range on the distance dial. Please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for assistance. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CDT. Or contact us VIA our website.
How do I get the light to stay on continuously at night?
You can either temporarily put the fixture into manual override by toggling your wall switch. Or you can switch the minutes dial located on the back of the fixture to switch control. That will allow you to turn the light on VIA your wall switch.
Where can I buy the light bulbs needed.
This is an LED fixture. It does not contain/need light bulbs.
Can I use a dimmer?
You cannot install this fixture on a dimming circuit.
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