SE1295-BRS-02LF1: 180-Degree 3-Head 1000 Lumen Battery-Operated LED Motion-Activated Flood Light with Timer - Bronze

Is it possible to reduce the 49 foot "reach" by partially shielding the sensor?
Yes, you can put a piece of electrical tape around the sensor to create a shield to cut down on triggers.
I mounted this product on the front of a shed, but it only lights up when I am on a ladder directly in front of it. Why is that? It does not pick up any motion and turn on.
The light is continuously turning off for a couple of minutes and then on for a minute as if there was motion but there was none and never stops. How do I fix this?
Please try resetting your fixture. If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for technical support and/or warranty replacement. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.    
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