12-in Smart LED Direct Wire Under Cabinet Bar - White

How do I dim the light?
You would need to pair this fixture to the Good Earth Lighting app via your home's Wi-Fi. You can view our YouTube tutorial here: How to Pair Your Device with the UC1304 Smart LED Direct Wire Under Cabinet Bar
We have everything plugged in and we have power to the light but the light is not coming on. What could it be?
This is a Wi-Fi fixture. Do you have it paired to the Good Earth Lighting app?
If I wire these in directly to power (no wall switch), and I use the app to turn the lights on and off, I assume that the rocker switch must always be in the on position?
That is correct.
These lights will be on a 20a circuit. Will the connectors accept 12/2 wire?
Yes, connectors are good for 12awg. Typically these fixtures are placed on 15A circuits but there are allowances for use on 20A circuits.  If the customer checked out those allowances and conforms to local codes, then ok for 20A.
Is UC 1304 comparable with UC 1051 if we would like to link.
No. You can only link fixtures in the same series. UC1304 can only be linked to other UC1304.
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