24-in T8 Fluorescent Direct Wire Undercabinet Light - White

How do you remove plastic casing?
Remove the diffuser by pulling back and up on the top edge of the diffuser using your fingertips. When replacing a defective bulb, use your thumbs to press and roll the bulb 90 degrees inside the socket. This will disengage the bulb contact pins from the socket contacts. Then slide the bulb pins out of the socket slot.
I just need the bulb cover; where can I find it?
The replacement diffuser can be special ordered through Lowes or online at Lowes.com.
how to get to the wires
Place fingertips above the locking tab on the face of the chassis cover, press on thecover and lift up. You may have to disengage each one individually before it can freely be removed.
does the gu9124d-t8 have a starter and where is it
Unsure what you mean by "starter". Please clarify.
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