240-Degree 3-Head LED Motion-Activated Dusk to Dawn Security Flood Light - White

How do you turn on low beam? We installed yesterday and the high beam is very bright.
If the fixture is on the dusk to dawn setting, or the 3 or 5 hour setting. The fixture will stay on at a low beam for the selected amount of time, and will jump to high beam once the fixture is triggered by motion.
Can this be eave mounted? Visually it doesn't seem so.
Yes, this fixture can be eave mounted. The canopy will sit tightly against the eave, the motion sensor would sit above the light heads with the light heads facing downward. Installation image is also on the box.
Instructions unclear. I was told before purchase that unit can operate with no low beam or other "constant" light at night and still be motion activated to bright light. Is this correct and if so, how do I configure settings?
That is correct. The last setting on the fixture (off, 3hrs, 5hrs, dusk to dawn) that needs to be selected as "off" if you do not want the fixture on at low beam during dusk to dawn.
Because the light keeps on constantly and does not turn off, I have made all the settings and it remains the same.
Please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for technial support assistance. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
I have the light set for dusk to dawn. The light seems to stay on during some cloudy days and doesn't turn off. Should I raise the motion sensor up more to the sky?
The dusk to dawn setting on your fixture keeps the light on from dusk to dawn. If it is a cloudy or dark day that can trick the fixture into thinking it is dusk and the fixture will stay on. If you would like the fixture to operate strictly as a motion light, you can turn that setting off. Or it can go on at dusk for three of five hours.
What is the length and size of the main attachment screw that goes through the middle of the fixture?
That screw is a #8/32 x 1 ½.
Can this be operated such that lights can be turned on manually and left on for a period of time, effectively overriding the motion sensor for that period of time?
If wired to a wall switch, you can control the fixture via the wall switch by using manual override. To switch over to manual mode, switch the power off-on-off-on within two seconds.
Is the motion sensing and dusk to two separate features? Can we have the light activated by motion only during dusk to dawn when it's dark, but not during the day when it's bright? Which model of yours can do that?
This fixture will only activate with motion at night. It will not activate in daylight due to the built in dusk to dawn sensor. This fixture also has a dusk to dawn feature. That is our low beam area light. That feature will keep the fixture on at a low beam from dusk to down and once triggered by motion will jump to high beam. It can be set to off, 3 hours, 5 hours, or dusk to dawn.  If you want this to operate strictly with motion, make sure that setting is "off."
How do you go from manual override back to motion-activated dusk to dawn?
To immediately switch out of manual mode: switch the power off-on-off-on within 2 seconds. The internal dusk to dawn sensor will also cancel out manual mode when the fixture detects light the following morning.
Covered my three model # SE1095-WH3-02LF eave-mounted floodlights with 2-1/2 gallon plastic Ziploc bags duct-taped to the eaves where mounted prior to a contractor pressure washing my house. After pressure washing, I climbed ladder and removed bags, which seemed to have kept all but a couple drops out of the bags. Turned power back on. Two of the three seemed to work normally and came on at dusk. Today I climbed ladder and fiddled with the one that didn't come on. I tried "test" mode and it seemed to work. Tonight it came on at dusk like it was supposed to. Praise the Lord. BUT, one of the other ones which came on the first night is now not coming on at dusk. What is going on? Dusk-to-dawn feature is not coming on at all. What could be wrong?
Please try resetting/rebooting the fixture. SE1097, SE1084, SE1095 2N1 SECURITY LIGHTS. Problems with settings, on all night, timer, motion sensor. Why? For best test results, the the fixture needs to acclimate to the outside temperature for about 1 hour before putting it into test mode.

Why? The sensor is a PIR (Passive Infa Red) sensor. It sees motion through temperature fluctuations. It takes custom readings every 2-3 minutes during the Learning mode. So wait 24-28 hours after the settings have been set or reset. It will come on during this time, but may not trigger every time that you think it should. It takes a full day or two for the adjustments to re-calibrate to the newest setting.

SE1097-WH3, BP2-02LF0-G SE1095-WH3, -BP2-LF0-G

*First thing to check is if it came on twice in test mode. Why doesn't it turn off or light erratically?
You need to reboot the microprocessor in the sensor. How? Redo the test mode and reset it. It has to come on twice in test mode. This is a must in order to fully activate the sensors. If it has not, it will not work properly when you set your settings. Turn the rounded end of the raised stick on the knob all the way to the left to test. (Yes, it is hard to see. It is helpful to color the end with a dot using a Sharpie marker.) Then TURN OFF the electricity or wall switch. Wait 30 seconds to a minute, and then turn it on. It will come on for about 15-20 sec. then shut off. IMPORTANT: Trigger it a 2nd time this time with motion. Walk out in front of the fixture, waving your arms and moving zigzag side to side until it triggers again. *It will turn off after 5 sec. Then you turn the knob past Auto, choosing a time: 1 min, 5 min., or 10 min. 2nd knob: Set your range, "SENSITIVITY." How many feet out will it trigger? Start at Max then bring it in a little for more triggering. 3rd knob: AREA LIGHT SETTING You choose the dusk-to-dawn settings if you want the light to be on the lower brightness the rest of the night (standard 25% of full bright). *Decide if area light at lower brightness is to be activated at dusk. Locate the right control knob and set to desired time the area light is on. Setting to “dusk-to-dawn” turns light on from sunset to sunrise (or set it on the tick marks: 3 or 5 hours). *On dark, stormy, and snowy days, it will trigger all day because it is sensing it is dark out. **Once the dusk-to-dawn sensor detects light, the manual “ON” mode will automatically go back to its original settings of the auto motion sensor mode. RESETTING? Best results are after 24-48 hours after. It is in "learning mode" during this time customizing to that spot by taking minute temperature readings every 2-3 min. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Security light cycles ON and OFF continuously/dusk-to-dawn sensor is sensing
reflected light from the security light, or reflective surface near the fixture (windows, ice, snow, dryer vents, air conditioners or heat pumps). *Stormy weather, wind, and rain will change the temperature air pockets around the fixture and will trigger it. **The fixture PIR sensor will reset itself in the morning and go back to the original settings. OPERATION OF MANUAL "ON" mode FAQs: *Make sure it came on 2 times in test mode first and select the time. **Manual mode ONLY works when it is getting dark out Where it is installed. (It is normal for it to trigger on on dark stormy days.) OPERATION OF MANUAL "ON" mode: Switch off all the security lights and wait for 10 sec. OFF rest period. Then toggle it on off, on quickly within 2 seconds. It will come on and stay on all night, unless your turn off the switch. *IMPORTANT: this cancels the triggering with motion the rest of the night. It resets in the morning to the original settings. MULTIPLE FIXTURES ON ONE SWITCH: Switch off all the security lights and wait for 10 sec. *This is to ensure all the lights are completely off and they are all enter into the same state. Then switch on all the security lights and wait for ...
Need to replace SE1095-WH3-02LF0-G. Really like the three-head unit and it is bright. How do I remove the wire nuts (quick connector type) from the house side wires, black and white, so I can connect the new light?
You can remove the quick connectors with wire cutters. 
My motion sensor no longer works. Do you have replacement for it?
The sensor itself is not replaceable. Please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for technical support and/or warranty replacement. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
I mounted my light under an eave, without a switch. The light stays on all the time with motion sensing turned on. I have tried other steering, detection area, light “color” and dusk to dawn; nothing turns it off. Any ideas?
Is the fixture on all day and night, or just all night? Is it on at low beam all night jumping to high beam when triggered by motion? If so, that is the area light; make sure that setting is off. You may also want to try resetting your fixture.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW1MlKLKHlo&list=PLxjI1Tpk9hlAOR4j6USKZv0fWvO-hvSwM&index=11
Can I change the bulbs in this light?
This is an LED fixture. It does not contain light bulbs. The LEDs are not replaceable. If the LEDs fail, the fixture will need to be replaced.  
If current goes out do you have to reset everytime?
If power is cut to the fixture for an extended period of time, the fixture may need to be reset.
How do you unplug wires from the electrical disconnect plug?
Once the wires are put into the disconnect plug, they cannot be removed. You would need to remove the plug by clipping it off using wire cutters.
If light is set up to work as motion only, and power goes out, will fixture return to motion only, when power is restored?
The fixture should hold whatever settings you had previous to the power outage. If it defaults, you can reset the fixture.
How do you reset the fixture after having a power outage?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyAzrZZKjdU&t=1s Reset:
While power is on change the area light setting to 3 hours, then change the minutes dial to test mode.
Turn power off for 2-3 minutes.
Turn power on.
Lights should come on for 15-20 seconds then shut off.
After the lights shut off, try triggering in test. If they do not trigger that is fine.
Take the fixtures out of test mode, and put in your desired settings.
Turn the area light off. Or to desired setting.
How to set so it won’t stay on all night
Make sure the area light setting is off.  If you need to reset: 1) Turn on the fixture and wait for the fixture to warm up (when it blinks, about 20s)
2) Change the Area Light dial from “OFF” to a different setting (D2D)
3) Wait 5s
4) Change the Area Light dial to “OFF”
Is it CUL (certified for Canada)?
Yes, this is was tested and verified to meet CSA C22.2#250.0:2021 Ed.5+U1
Can you switch it on from a wall switch and lock it on?
You can toggle the wall switch to put the fixture into manual override for one night only. It will reset the following day when sunglight is detected.
A red light is blinking on my SE1095-WH3-02LF0-G lite motion detector and the light remains on all night. I tried several resets that I found on the internet but none seem to work. What is the correct reset procedure?
While power/switch is on change the minutes dial to test mode.
Turn power/switch off for 2-3 minutes.
Turn power/switch on.
Lights should come on for 15-20 seconds then shut off.
After the lights shut off, trigger
Take the fixtures out of test mode and put in your desired settings.
If unsuccessful, please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 for technical support and/or warranty replacement.
We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CDT.
Or contact us VIA our website.
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