Select the Right Color Temperature for the Home

What is color temperature and why is it important?  Color temperature is how light appears visually and is measured in Kelvins between 1000K – 10,000K.  It is incredibly vital for choosing the optimal light for a space.

Picking the best color temperature depends on the type of atmosphere that is trying to be created. 

  • Warmer color temperatures will have a more inviting, relaxing feel that typically use more orange and yellow tones that range from 2700K - 3000K. Best for pendants, wall lanterns, ambient lighting, residential indoor lighting.
  • Cooler color temperatures will be more bright, vibrant ambience that typically use more blues tints for activities like working or doing tasks, range from 4000K – 5000K. Best for basements, garages, work environments.
  • Daylight Deluxe ranges at 6000K-65000K reflects what color temperature of the sun produces in blue tones, typically used where more alert environment needed such as security lighting, garages, task lighting.

Choose a color temperature (Kelvins) to suit your lighting needs. The Kelvin color temperature is typically found on Lighting Specs Labels on packaging or on product specs page.

Create Ambience with Good Earth Lighting

Good Earth Lighting has launched a new flat panel LED Flush mount ceiling light that be selectable from 5 different white color temperature settings from 2700K soft white, 3000K bright white, 4000K cool white, 5000K daylight and 6500K daylight deluxe. Customize to match your home décor or lighting needs. Create lighting for everyday task lighting, mood lighting, and even entertainment lighting.  The fixture is also dim capable using most forward phase Triac wall dimmers.

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