SE1289-BRS-02LF5: 130-Degree 500-Lumen Battery-Operated Integrated LED Motion-Activated Flood Light

My front door is deeply recessed, my Ring gets confused in daylight, visitor appears in shadow. Is there a daylight sensor I can cover with black tape so your product will motion activate in daytime and not just at night?
Unfortunately, there is no way to bypass the dusk to dawn sensor. You can try covering the sensor with electrical tape, but the fixture may not trigger at all.
I accidentally dropped the unit and the point between the light and the holder broke. Is it possible to buy a new outer casing?
Unfortunately this is not a replaceable part.
Can you override the motion sensor?
You cannot override the sensor on this fixture.
What does it mean when the sensor turns red?
If the sensor turns red, it is detecting motion or changes in air temperature.
Where exactly is the motion sensor located on this product?
The round piece located under the light head is the sensor.
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