3 Dorm Room Essentials to Brighten Your College Year

Happy back-to-school month! Moving into your first college dorm or campus apartment is an exciting milestone. Here are three Good Earth Lighting products that can brighten up your space and your school year.

1. 2-Pack 3.8-in Rechargeable USB Lighting Motion-Activated Magnetic Pucks - White

These LED puck lights emit just the right amount of light for finding what you need in your closet or desk. They're motion activated and compact, so you won't have to worry about waking up your roommate with your bright ceiling light. These lights come with Command Strips® by 3M, so you can mount them without causing any damage to your space. Or, you can use the magnetic backing to mount the lights on your fridge or another magnetic surface. These lights can be recharged with the included 48-inch USB cord and a USB wall adapter. 

2. 11-in Rechargeable LED Desk Lamp with Mounting Clip - Silver

Just like the magnetic pucks, this desk lamp is rechargeable, making it a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution. This portable and bendable light is a great lighting solution for studying at the library. With its mounting clip, you can also use this light for reading at night in your dorm. This light features three different levels of light — low (20% brightness), medium (50% brightness), and high (100% brightness) — so you can customize it to your lighting needs.

3. 7-ft LED RGBW Flexible USB Tape Light - Black

You need reliable lighting for practical reasons at college, like for studying, reading, and getting ready for class. But you'll also want lighting that's decorative! With this color-changing tape light, you can make movie night with your friends even more fun. You can also use these lights to brighten up your desk area. This ambient back lighting offers 16 color light options and a warm white setting; the tape light fits screen sizes ranging from 30 to 65 inches. With the multifunction remote control, you can choose between four different lighting effects and patterns (flashing, strobe, fade, and smooth), set the brightness, dim the lights, and turn the lights on/off.

We hope these lighting products help you kick off your school year strong. Have a great year back on campus!