5 Father's Day Gift Ideas

It can be challenging thinking of Father's Day gift ideas outside of the usual coffee mug, necktie, or gift box of steaks variety. If you're stumped on what to get your dad this June 20th, we've rounded up original, meaningful gift ideas that you can get from Good Earth Lighting. We polled the team at Good Earth, and here were their top 5 favorite Father's Day gift ideas.

1. 6-inch LED Rechargeable Work Light

This multipurpose, durable light is a great gift for dads for those summer projects and family car trips. The 1000-lumen LED light is portable, bright, and rechargeable, making it the perfect light for indoor and outdoor home projects like organizing your garage or working on your deck. The flashing SOS function also makes this light helpful for emergencies when you're on the road. The aluminum housing design and water-resistant rating (IP54) allows the light to work efficiently in the most robust situations.  

2. Hyper Bright LED Flood Light

The Hyper Bright LED Flood Light is built to last, with a heavy-duty frame and shatter-resistant lens that can withstand hurricane-strength winds and temperatures as low as -20°F. The Hyper Bright has the power to illuminate sprawling yardscapes and the flexibility to scale down lighting for smaller yards. You can choose your preferred light color option, brightness level, activation method. and motion sensor distance to completely customize this light. Dads will appreciate this versatile Father's Day gift — it's perfect for illuminating your yard for barbecues and summer bonfires, letting your dog out at night, playing nighttime sports, and more. 

3. 23-inch Motion-Activated Plug-In Shop Light

With a lamp life of 50,000 hours and a warranty of 5 years, our LED motion-activated plug-in shop light is a durable, sustainable Father's Day gift that will make garage projects more convenient. It produces 2300 lumens of light with a color temperature of 4100K bright white light, making finding tools easy. There's two ways to mount the light — hang with the included two 24-inch chains or surface mount with the included mounting clips. This fixture can be used with the sensor or it can be set to a manual setting which will then become switch controlled by a wall switch. The passive infrared sensor can detect motion 120 degrees and up to 16 feet away. 

4. 24-inch Linkable Under Cabinet Plug-In Grow Light

This light functions as both an undercabinet light and a grow light. The light emits a warm white color (instead of the usual purple color that grow lights emit), making it a seamless addition to your kitchen. It has a 620nm peak wave length full spectrum that helps low-light plants like herbs and lettuce thrive. Good Earth's grow light is a thoughtful and useful gift for dads who love to garden and cook.

5. 84-inch RGBW Tape Light with Remote

And last but not least, Good Earth's plug-in RGBW tape light! Dads can decorate their TV in their "man cave" or brighten their home office spaces with this versatile tape light and remote control. The remote offers 16 different colors in the red, green, blue, and warm white color spectrum. You can brighten or dim the tape light or select 4 different effects and patterns. 

Which is your favorite gift idea? Let us know in the comments. Happy Father's Day from all of us at Good Earth!