Pathway Lighting Tips and Ideas

Security lights can sometimes have blind spots or not extend far enough onto your yard. That's where pathway lights come in. Pathway lights provide additional security to areas that your security light doesn't reach. Pathway lights also create a welcoming ambience and can highlight favorite areas of your home, such as your garden or backyard pond.

Here are some tips on where to put your pathway lights:

  • Add them to your garden. Enhance and draw attention to your plants with path lights.
  • Emphasize lawn decorations such as sculptures, bird baths, or yard signs and greetings.
  • Guide guests down the walkway and up steps. Path lights can help prevent slips or falls by drawing attention to any difficult steps. Design tip: When adding path lights, stagger them instead of lining them directly across from each other to avoid creating an airplane runway effect.
  • Include them near your driveway so you and guests can safely park at night.
  • Add them around your swimming pool area for additional safety. Good Earth Lighting’s path lights are waterproof.
  • Put them on your porch or deck. Good Earth Lighting’s path lights can be mounted via stake mount or wall mount. Use the the mounting plate (comes with Command™ Strips from 3M and screws) to mount the lights on your porch or deck railing.

Pathway lights are a convenient and efficient way to add localized outdoor lighting around your home. Good Earth Lighting's pathway lights are lightweight and portable, so you can easily move them to anywhere light is needed. Learn more about our 2-pack of motion-activated, battery-operated path lights here.