How Far Apart Should I Place My LED Landscape Solar Path Lights?

Good Earth Lighting's Solar LED Landscape Security or Strobe Motion-Sensing Path Light brightens up your pathway or driveway when you need it most. The motion-activated 200-lumen bright light covers a large area so you can illuminate your entire walkway with just a handful of lights. Each path light covers an area that spans 5 feet 10 inches wide and 5 feet 7 inches long.



To provide full light coverage of the entire walkway, first measure the pathway's length. Place a marker 3 feet from the end of the pathway; this will be the location of the first light. Next, measure 5 feet 10 inches from the first marker and place a second marker; this will be the location of the second light. Repeat until there is a marker at least 3 feet from the other end of the pathway. Count up the markers that were placed; this is the number of solar path lights you will need.

Place a solar path light in each of the marked locations. (Note: To make installation easier, stake the light into the ground at least 7 inches away from the pathway edge. This will ensure it installs directly into the dirt and doesn't hit gravel or underlayment.)

Then, press the button on the bottom of the lights to choose your desired Mode.

The solar path light provides 3 settings: Motion Sensor, Strobe, and Off. When in Motion Sensor Mode, the light will stay on for 30 seconds after motion is detected. The light can be activated 32 times per evening on a single day of charge, or 213 times per evening if starting from a full battery.

When in the Strobe Mode, the light will flash instead of providing smooth light. Use Strobe Mode to deter animals, such as raccoons or skunks, or intruders.

Set the light to Off when you don't want the light to activate when it senses motion or if you want to charge the light for an extended period of time.

Once all of the lights are installed, test the lights at night to ensure that they all activate when using the pathway. You should be able to see the entire pathway when walking or driving down it!