Good Earth Lighting Recalls Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Powered Light Bars



Product Information

What products are subject to the recall?

The recall includes all Good Earth brand RE1122, RE1250, and RE1145, and RE1145 model families of Rechargeable Integrated Lights.  The specific model numbers are: RE1122-WHG-12LF0-G, RE1122-WHG-12LF0-F, RE1145-WHG-12LF2-Q, RE1145-SIL-12LF2-Q, RE1145-ALM-12LF2-Q, RE1250-WHG-12LFR-G, RE1250-WHG-12LF2-Q, RE1250-SIL-12LF2-Q, RE1250-BKG-12LF2-Q, RE1250-RGP-12LF2-Q, and RE1250-ALM-12LF2-Q. 

How many products are subject to the recall?

Approximately 1.2 million units that are subject to the recall were sold to consumers.

What is wrong with the products?

The product can overheat, posing a burn or smoke inhalation hazard to consumers.

How will the replacement address the issue?

The replacement light will include an improved battery that adheres to strict quality controls and is encased in an internal V-0 plastic housing to prevent flames from escaping the unit in the event of a battery thermal event.

Steps Consumers Should Take

What should I do if I have a potentially-affected product?

We will send you a package to use to return the product. Once we receive the recalled product, Good Earth will provide a free replacement.

Can I receive a refund instead of a replacement product?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has approved the replacement product in connection with this recall, so that is what the company is offering to consumers.

How much will the replacement product cost?

You will receive the replacement product at no cost to you.

What will the company do with my personal information used to send the replacement?

Good Earth will use that information only to ship the product.

Safety Concerns

Have there been any reports of injuries resulting from this issue? Reports of property damage?

[insert CPSC-approved language]

We have been using the product without any issues. Can we continue to use it?

No. You should stop using the product immediately and return it to receive a replacement product.

I bought a similar product from the company, but it is not included in the recall. Should I be concerned about the safety of that product?

No. Other Good Earth Lighting products use a different battery design.