LF1130-BR4-48LF4: Vista 48-in x 10-in LED Linear Flush Mount - Light Bronze

When I wired the product, Vista LED Model # LF1130-BR4-48LF4, the light will not turn off at the switch. The previous light was able to be turned off with the switch. The directions provided indicate the unit has two wires, both black and white, that lead into the connector where I would wire my black and white wire. The unit that I purchased the connector has only one black wire and one white wire. What is the reason why the light switch will not work with your light that I purchased?
The two back and two white wires in the instruction picture are probably from the previous generation of fixture that had 2 smaller drivers in it.  It has been changed to 1 larger driver so there will now be only 1 set of black and white wires from the fixture.  Per engineering, it sounds like a pilot error. It appears you may not have closed the loop on the switch leads. A single pole switch has two leads, 1 in, 1 out, 1 to the switch, and 1 to the fixture.
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