9506-CLR-I: 6-ft Outdoor Incandescent Rope Light - Clear

What is the wattage of this 6-foot set?
.05w Miniature
Is it lit up by lightbulbs within the cord? If yes, can those be replaced if they burn out? How hot does the cord get and can it be attached to a timer to have it turn off/on?
Each incandescent bulb is spaced every 1", and uses approximately .05 watts each. One foot or 12" uses 12 bulbs times 0.05 watts, which is 0.6 watts total. That is an approximate total of 14.4 watts for a 24' rope light, and 28.8 watts for a 48'. (Watts per bulb 0.05 one bulb per 1".) The bulbs are not replaceable. The cord will get warm to the touch like any other light fixture. You can use on a timer.
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