SE1039-TBZ-02LF0: 180-Degree Basic 2-Head LED Motion-Activated Direct Wire Security Flood Light - Bronze

How do you manually override the timer on the motion sensor?
Once the fixture has been tested for proper operation and sensitivity, rotate the rotary knob on the TIMER control to the “TIMER” area. The “TIMER” position allows the fixture to go into AUTO motion sensor mode. Rotating the knob clockwise increases the duration of light up to 5 minutes once motion is detected. Rotating the knob counterclockwise decreases the duration of light down to 10 seconds once motion is detected. It may be necessary to adjust the “TIMER” knob several times until the desired length of time is determined. To control the security light from inside the home, activate manual “ON” mode by toggling the wall light switch OFF and ON within 2 seconds. The security light will turn on and stay on for approximately 8 hours, or until the dusk-to-dawn sensor detects light in the morning. Once the dusk-to-dawn sensor detects light, the manual “ON” mode will automatically go back to its original settings of the AUTO motion sensor mode.
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