Introducing the Hyper Bright LED Flood Light

Light your Backyard like a Stadium™

Designed with customizable options, adjustable motion sensors and incredible light output, the Hyper Bright LED Flood Light brings your entire outdoor space into view.

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Product image with badge: waterproof and dustproof to IP65
white Hyper Bright Light installed on a brick wall
Hyper Bright Light at night, eave Mounted
Hyper Bright LED light controls: minutes and distance. Black color.
Pool lit at night
Driveway and basketball hoop at night lit with hyper bright light on a house

Bring Everything into the Light

The Hyper Bright LED Flood Light is built to last, with the power to illuminate sprawling yardscapes and the flexibility to scale down lighting for smaller yards. With so many adjustable options to choose from, you can customize as often as you need and let the light to do the rest.

  • Durable – Heavy-duty frame and shatter-resistant lens can withstand hurricane-strength winds and temperatures as low as -20°F
  • Weatherproof – Waterproof and dustproof to IP65
  • Versatile – Choose your preferred light color option, brightness level, activation method and motion sensor distance to completely customize
  • Two Colors – Choose from bronze or white
  • Made To Last – Backed by a 10-year warranty
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What People Are Saying About Good Earth Lighting:

"We were blown away. My daughter and wife both said it felt like we were at a stadium."

"Does exactly what I wanted. Lights up my entire backyard."

"I have a 2-acre yard surrounded by woods. The lights cover my whole yard and it shines on the woods 150ft. from my house"

"I have four of these lights, one on each corner of the house. Works perfectly."

Take Control of the Night

We’ve made this light extremely versatile and adjustable, so you don’t have to compromise when it comes to outdoor lighting.

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3 Settings: Daylight, Warm White, Bright White

Three White Color Settings

Choose between daylight, warm white or bright white to perfectly light your space.

Dual Brightness Settings: 7000 or 2000 lumens

Dual Brightness

Light up an entire football field—360 ft. long and 160 ft. wide—at 7000 lumens, or dim by more than 50% for smaller spaces.

Motion detection up to 100ft icon

Detects Motion up to 100 ft.

Set the motion sensor to detect body heat and movement from 20 ft. to up to 100 ft. away for safety and security customized to your needs.

Motion or switch activated graphic

Motion & Switch Control

Customize with the choice of motion-detected or manual switch activation.

It’s Called Hyper Bright for a Reason

The light comes with the choice of two brightness settings and three shades of white to light up yards large and small.

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Two Brightness Settings to Choose From

High Beam

Flood your yard with enough high-quality light to cover a football field, approximately 360 ft. long and 160 ft. side to side. At 7000 lumens, you’ll see everything.

Low Beam

With adjustable brightness, you can dim the light by more than 50% and still get great coverage for smaller yards or tighter suburban lots.

Dual Light Brightness: High beam: 7,000 lumens, low beam: 2,000 lumens
3000K warm white, 4000K bright white, 5000K daylight settings comparison shown on a photo of a firepit

Set the Mood with Three Different Colors

Warm White

Perfect for relaxing nights in the backyard, barbecues and summer bonfires.

Bright White

Not too bright, not too dim—this setting is just right.


Great for nighttime sports in the yard or finishing yard work after the sun goes down.

Motion or Switch Activated—The Choice is Yours

See it in action with a quick video on choosing the settings.

How It Works   Choosing Settings

Two Modes of Light Activation:

The motion sensor is ideal for security while the manual switch lets you keep the light on for night activities like swimming or playing in the yard.

Person moving icon


Light only operates after dark

Light switch on icon


Light operates day or night

Motion Detection Distance Control:

You can choose the distance for motion detection depending on the size of your yard. No need to catch the neighbors grilling in their yard two houses down.

Distance settings dial and house with distances illustrated by arcs on the ground

Motion Sensor Timing Control:

When the motion sensor is activated, you decide how long it stays on. One, five or ten minutes.

1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes graphic