12-in Rechargeable Integrated LED Light Bar - White

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Brighten your kitchen under cabinets, laundry room, living room, utility area, closet, or other spaces with these rechargeable LED lights. These lightweight, wireless lights are an efficient and sustainable lighting solution for all wireless lighting needs with built-in motion sensing technology and an auto off timer. Highly versatile these lights can be conveniently installed almost anywhere with the included Command Strips by 3M for damage-free mounting. No wires. No tools. No mess. No damage. The simple style blends seamlessly with any home décor and the slim design allows the fixture to remain hidden if mounted under the cabinetry. The energy efficient LEDs cast a bright neutral white light with a high lumen output suitable for most locations. Experience sustainability, conservation, and efficiency with the highly innovative rechargeable battery capabilities. Quality assurance guaranteed with a 6-year limited manufacture warranty.

Related Model RE1122-WHG-12LF0-G,B078KX8HLZ,502598,4161513,3468059
Rooms Basement, Bedroom, Closets, Hallway, Kitchen Cupboards, Living Room, Under Cabinets
Fixture Material Plastic Injection Molded
Fixture Color White Molded
Glass/Lens Type Frosted Fine Diamond Pattern
Mounting Screws Mount or Command Strips™ by 3M
Motion Detection Range 100 degrees up to 15 ft
Safety Rated Dry Location Only
Energy Star No
Light Included Yes
Light Source LED
LED Qty 12
Color Temperature 4000K
Rated LED Life 30000 Hrs
Lumens 160
Dimming No
Battery Included Yes
Battery Qty /Type 1500 mAh
Charging Time 4.5 hrs
Battery Life @ Full Charge 3.6 hrs
Running Time @ Full Charge 2.7 months 8 act/day
Command Strips® from 3M Yes
3M Command Strips Model XA006797063
Number 3M Command Strips 4
Power Cord 48-Inch USB Cord
Linkable No
Power Switch On/Off/Auto, 100 Degrees PIR Up to 15 Feet
Power Source Rechargeable
Warranty 6-Year Limited Warranty
Fixture Size 12 in
Fixture Dimensions (inches) 12 x 2.5 x 0.75
Fixture Weight (lbs) 0.352
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Customer Questions
Where is the wave mode?

If the fixture is in auto mode, the sensor will pick up motion and activate the light. The sensor is the round piece on the fixture.

can these lights be mounted vertically (on back of a door) and still work?

Yes. This is not direct wired so you can install it just about anywhere. You may get a lot of triggers if in auto mode on the back of a door thought.

Does the red charging light turn green when fully charged ?

Yes. The light will turn green when the fixture is fully charged.

It says 2 modes: wave mode and walk by mode. Walk by mode is too sensitive for me. How do we do only wave mode?

For walk by mode, mount the fixture with the motion sensor facing away from the wall. For wave by mode, mount the fixture with the motion sensor facing towards the wall.

The description says there is walk-by mode or wave mode. How do you change between the two settings? I see the sensor, but there is nothing that states how to make it either "walk-by" or "wave" mode.

For walk by activation, mount with the sensor facing away from the wall. For wave by activation, mount with the sensor facing towards the wall.

What is the warranty? Mine are brand new and will not hold the charge. The light stays on for 30 minutes on a full carge

This fixture has a 6 year limited warranty. Please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838 to file a warranty claim. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.

What is the temperature operating range? Looking to place inside a shed in the backyard.

These lights are not recommended for outdoor use.

light will not shut off on auto

Please reach out to customer service at 1-800-291-8838. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.

What usb wall chargers can be used to charge battery

This fixture charges with a micro USB cord.

What USB wall charger should be used to charge lights?

You want to use a micro USB.

how do you work the remote control-is there a manual

I do not show that this fixture comes with a remote.

It comes with a micro USB cord. What 120V adapter can be used to charge the fixture. Is the recharging done in place or can the fixture be easily removed to charge it and then reinstall?

This fixture charges with the micro USB cord that can be plugged into a compatible wall adapter. The fixture includes velcro command strips for easy removal for charging.

The light is not to be plugged in after fully charged, but the light can also be plugged in for continuous use? What's the difference? If it's plugged in continuously, won't it still be plugged in past the fully charged status??

Once the battery is depleted and can no longer be charged, this can be used as a plug in fixture.

Does it matter if its on auto, on off to recharge it?

It does not matter, but we recommend having the fixture on off when recharging.

Can I use my I pad charger to charge the light

As long as it is a compatible micro USB charger, yes.

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