A Brighter Idea

Did You Know?

Lighting accounts for 20-25% of all electricity used in United States. Incandescent lamp technology is over 140 years old, and is very inefficient, and wasteful when compared to other lighting options available today.

In order to create electricity, power plants generate pollutants and nuclear waste. Over the 750 hour life of a standard 60 watt incandescent light bulb, it will contribute to our air pollution problems by adding:

67 pounds of sulfur dioxide, and 112 grams of nitrogen oxides from a coal fired facility,

or 8 milligrams of plutonium waste from a nuclear facility.

A Brighter Idea

Good Earth Lighting is committed to developing fashionable energy efficient lighting products as an alternative to inefficient, energy wasting incandescent lighting. Our extensive program of ceiling fixtures, sconces, cabinet lighting, security lights, and outdoor lanterns use the latest and most energy efficient LED and fluorescent technologies.

Our light fixtures operate cooler than incandescent fixtures because more of the electrical energy used by the fixture is used to generate light, and not heat.

Since Good Earth fixtures use less energy to create the same amount of light as incandescent fixtures, they place less demand on the power companies, and help reduce pollution and waste. For example, a single 13 watt Good Earth Lighting fixture over its minimum rated 10,000 hour life can save the following when compared to an ordinary 60 watt incandescent fixture:

400 pounds of coal

1200 pounds of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and…

16 pounds of acid rain

The lighting systems used in Good Earth fixtures last between 10 to 50 times longer than it’s incandescent equivalent and use 70% to 85% less energy to operate.

The future of lighting is here today, and Good Earth has it!